Main Ridge

1st Lincolnshire Battery,1st North Midland Brigade Royal Field Artillery Territorial Force
4th Territorial Force Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
ds 'B' Squadron Lincolnshire Yeomanry

‘The 1st Lincolnshire Battery of the 1st North Midland Brigade R.F.A. Territorial Force was formed in 1860 as the Lincolnshire R.G.A. (Vols.), and had in 1913 an enrolled strength of 130 members; the corps has a spacious drill hall in Main Ridge, where there are four 15-pr. B.L. converted guns. ...

‘... The C Company [sharing the Main Ridge drill hall] of the 4th Territorial Force Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment was also formed in 1860, and comprises 3 officers and 92 men; the shooting range is at Slippery Gowt marsh.’ (Kelly, 1913)

The drill hall is currently in use by Cadets [2007]
Photograph of Boston drill Hall

Photograph of Boston drill Hall

Photograph of Boston drill Hall
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